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CPR Devices

CPR Pocket Mask Ventilator with One-Way Valve and Bio-Filter in a Hard Case

CPR Faceshield with One-Way Valve and Bio-Filter

CPR Faceshield with Double Bio-Filter

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No regulations exist for CPR Protective Devices.  With increasing concern of possible infection while performing CPR, numerous so called CPR Protective Devices surfaced.  As you can imagine, everybody and their brother is on the band wagon producing something they refer to as a CPR Protective Device.  For your protection, when selecting this type of equipment, investigate to ensure it is first functional and secondly, that it provides the level of protection you expect.  Talott carries functional, high quality CPR Protective Devices.


Different diseases cause concern in different regions around the world.  In North America, only five are of any real concern, they are Herpes, Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV/Aids.  Contact local health authorities to identify other diseases of particular concern in your area.

Employers can help ensure the safety of their employees by providing two of the most effective weapons against disease transmission:

  1. Protective Equipment which includes all equipment and supplies that protect the user from direct contact with infected bodily fluids and other materials.  This includes, but is not restricted to, CGSB Certified Medical Examination Gloves, or 100% Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves, functional CPR pocket masks or faceshields, and bio-hazard clean-up products.
  2. Education which includes those initiatives that will help workers assess the risk in a given situation, to use protective equipment appropriately, and to alleviate their fear of responding.


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CPR Pocket Mask Ventilator with One-Way Valve and Bio-Filter in a Hard Case

The CPR Rescuer Facemask is a fold-down pocket mask made especially for the North American climate. 

Made from medical grade thermoplastic, this mask is pliable in extreme temperatures and incorporates a sealed replaceable one-way valve with biological filter. 

The universal, one-size fits all, transparent mask allows for constant visual monitoring of casualty's mouth for lip colour and secretion. 

15/22 mm input connectors permit connection to standard manual or mechanical resuscitators or bag-valve-masks. 

Available individually or by the case of 12.


CPR Pocket Mask with One-Way Valve and Bio-Filter



CPR Rescuer Facemask with One-Way Valve/Oxygen Inlet



Replacement One-Way Valve with Bio-Filter - 5/pkg



Face Mask Holster 1,000 denier nylon - empty



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CPR Faceshield with One-Way Valve and Bio-Filter


CPR Faceshield with One-Way Valve and Bio-Filter

This single use Canadian made CPR Faceshields, with instructions, has been designed as a "First Response" protective device which provides a physical barrier between the patient and the rescuer.  CPR Faceshields are disposable and utilize a one way diaphragm to reduce the risk of cross contamination.  The patient expiratory port allows easy, passive exhalation by the patient, and the addition of a bio-filter material prevents the airborne passage of over 99% of viruses and bacteria.  Compact and lightweight, these individually packaged CPR Faceshields can be easily kept in pockets, purses, glove compartments, first aid kits, or key chain.

Talott Belt Pack Key Ring Glove Pouch

Being prepared for an emergency means having a faceshield and medical examination gloves available at all times.  Talott's Key Ring Belt Pouch with VelcroŽ closure, achieves this end.  Can be worn on your belt, or attached to your keys.  Talott's nylon glove pouch accomodates a faceshield and gloves, or up to 4 pairs of gloves only.


CPR Rescuer Faceshield with One-Way Valve & Bio-Filter - only



Talott Belt Pack Key Ring Glove Pouch - with 1 pr 100% Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves



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CPR Faceshield with Double Bio-Filter - Only

With this CPR Faceshield you can carry your own personal mouth to mouth protection at all times.  Designed to provide the highest standards of bacterial and viral protection for the rescuer without compromising air permeability. 

The unique bio-filter material will prevent the airborne passage of over 99% of viruses and bacteria and acts as a physical barrier to moisture, helping to prevent body fluids from reaching the rescuer's mouth.


Compact, 2" x 2" with key ring.  Holds only the faceshield above, but no room for gloves.


Faceshield with Double Bio-Filter - 25/pkg



Faceshield with Double Bio-Filter in Key Ring Pouch - 25/pkg (no gloves)



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