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Prescription Protective Eyewear

Prescription Protective Eyewear must comply with all current requirements of the CSA Z94.3-1992 Standard.  Testing a prescription lens for impact would destroy the lens.  The assumption is that if prescription lenses are made no less than 3mm thick at the thinnest point and are of a quality plastic material, then they should pass the CSA design standards.  If you do not comply with the CSA standards for prescription lenses, there is a possibility that, if an incident occurred, you may not be covered.  Because of the custom nature of prescription lens manufacturing, the only claim is that the complete safety spectacles meet requirements of the CSA standards.  All prescription protective eyewear are to be supplied with either permanently attached or clip-on side shields.  These can be flat fold, cup, mesh or clip-on types.  Ideally, side shields should be permanently attached, so that they cannot be dislodged upon impact.  This would also discourage employees from removing them at a later date, thus making the eyewear unsafe and in violation of the CSA requirements.  Select from the wide range of contemporary fashionable frames.

Ergonomic Eyewear

One of the major factors in the productivity of any organization is the health and well being of its workforce.  A person who feels physical pain and discomfort on a daily basis will experience a reduction in physical stamina.  They may be less able to handle the task at hand, while experiencing a reduction in concentration, which can lead to decreased productivity or the possibility of injury.  Glasses can be a major factor in the cause of discomfort in the neck and shoulders area.  People wearing general use bifocals or reading glasses have to constantly adjust their posture at their work station in order to allow their eyes to focus on the screen.  The result of this improper posture can be Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Visual Conditions of (CVS) which directly affect the reading and comprehension speed are:

  1. Accommodation Problems - how well the person can focus on near objects
  2. Ocular Motor Problems - involves internal and external eye muscle coordination
  3. Refractor Error - how well a person can see
  4. Presbyopia - loss of focusing ability due to age (starting at age 40 - 45)

Environmental conditions that can contribute to Computer Vision Syndrome are:  glare (reflected light), humidity level (dry air inside a building), lighting in general, the design of the prescription eye glasses (must assume an unnatural body posture to use bifocals or readers), age (relates to depth of focus and body posture), and the layout of the work station (the usual viewing distance for most people working on computer equipment is about 24" to 36".  Eye doctors normally set the reading distance at 16" which is good for normal reading or a keyboard entry, but can be a problem when trying to see the monitor).

There are two solutions to Computer Vision Syndrome:

  1. Adjust the work station to suit the person's vision with glasses - this could be as simple as moving the screen closer, or as complex as redesigning and building a new work station, or
  2. Design the glasses to suit the work station.  Work station lenses are designed to provide the proper enhancing power for the desired distance of vision.  These lenses allow the wearer to maintain proper body posture, preventing pain and discomfort.  Rather than the worker adjusting his body to accommodate the design of the lens, the lens is designed to meet the needs of the worker.

The best solution for Computer Vision Syndrome is a team approach; a licensed optician who understands the concept of ergonomics, and an ergonomic professional who designs the working environment.  This together would provide the highest level of physical and visual comfort.

Laser Eyewear

The eye can be injured by the harmful light energy that is given off from certain devices or activities such as lasers, welding, UV lights, etc.  The eye protection required must filter out the harmful light that is specific to that hazard.

A LASER is a device which produces a beam of concentrated light energy that may or may not be visible to the human eye.  One must observe and obey all warnings when in the vicinity of a LASER, as even reflected light from a LASER can be dangerous.  Because LASER radiation is usually hazardous to the eye, proper protective eyewear, appropriate to the type of LASER, must be worn.  The whole issue of LASER protection is so type and site specific, that it must be clearly understood that protection for one type of LASER is not necessarily safe for another type; you must ensure that the correct type of protective eyewear is worn.  Call for further information.


Some operations (such as: chemical handling, carpentry, foundry work, grinding, metal work, automotive, welding and painting), may require faceshields in addition to protective eyewear,   Faceshields are designed to provide limited protection from flying particles.  The protected areas are intended to be the face and the frontal portion of the neck.  Faceshields must never be worn alone.  They must always be used with suitable basic eye protection devices such as spectacles or goggles.


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Safety Glasses Protective Eyewear

The answer for those 'hard to fit' employees.  This protective eyewear incorporates a single polycarbonate lens design, contemporary styling, an exceptional wide angle of unrestricted vision, and side protection.  Stylish wrap-around design with fully adjustable temples and lightweight nylon frame.  The moulded-in nose bridge comfortably fits a wide variety of faces.  Easy lens removal and replacement makes interchanging lenses a breeze.  The scratch-resistant lens filters out 99.9 percent of UV radiation.

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 and Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z94.3)


Protective Eyewear - clear lens



Protective Eyewear - grey lens



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YukonŽ XL (Over Prescription) Protective Eyewear

Crews took their YukonŽ Protective Eyewear, and made an enlarged version that allows room for wear over regular prescription eyeglasses.  The wrap-around design of the YukonŽ XL provides wider angular coverage and improved peripheral vision.  Hard-coated for scratch resistance.


YukonŽ XL Protective Eyewear - coated clear lens



YukonŽ XL Protective Eyewear - coated grey lens



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Protective Goggles

For protection against chemical splashes or larger particles when chipping, cutting or grinding.  Roomy size fits over prescription glasses.  Adjustable rubber strap helps provide a tight, yet comfortable seal.  Three models available in either clear polycarbonate or acetate (fog-free) lenses.  CSA 94.3-1992 Approved and meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standard.  Available individually or by the dozen.


Perforated Goggle - clear polycarbonate lens



Perforated Goggle - clear acetate anti-fog lens



Chemical Splash Goggles - clear polycarbonate lens



Chemical Splash Goggles - clear acetate anti-fog lens



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Protective Headgear

Protective Headgear

Constructed from high density polyethylene, protective headgear consists of a 4" sparkguard, a fully adjustable crown strap, a locking cam system to securely hold the window in place, a ratchet type suspension for easy adjustment, friction knobs to allow the window to be raised and a replaceable sweatband.


Talott's universal fitting injection moulded formed polypropinate faceshields are designed to minimize flaring at the bottom.  These faceshields fit American Allsafe, Bullard, Cabot, Crews, Fiber-Metal, Green Diamond, Jackson, Kedman, Sellstrom, Thermacote, Wilson plus many other headgear manufacturers.


Ratchet Protective Headgear



Aluminum Bracket for  Protective Hard Hat



Formed Faceshield - 8" x 15˝" x .060" - clear



Formed Faceshield - 8" x 15˝" x .060" - medium green



IRPC Filter 3 Welding Faceshield - 8" x 15˝" x .060"



IRPC Filter 5 Welding Faceshield - 8" x 15˝" x .060"



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