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Talott carries a wide selection of disposable coveralls in Polypropylene, Tyvek®, Tyvek® QC, Saranex®, Sontara® and Barricade® material.  Zippered front closure standard unless specified.  The most popular styles are listed, please call with your particular requirements.  Sizes must be indicated when ordering - available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, and 4X.

Polypropylene Coveralls, for general protection, are breathable allowing skin moisture and body heat to escape, yet offering the wearer an effective particle barrier.  Designed for non-hazardous dirty jobs and general maintenance applications.

Tyvek® is chemically and biologically inert, soft, low-linting, lightweight, strong and durable.  It resists puncturing, tearing, and abrasion.  Tyvek® is a highly effective contamination control fabric, which repels air-borne particles, and a broad range of chemical and biological agents.  Static-free until laundered.  Applications: asbestos removal, paint spraying, light splash protection, maintenance, general clean-up, and dry particulate protection.

Tyvek® QC offers excellent splash protection against many inorganic acids, bases, and other liquid chemicals such as pesticides.  Combining the toughness of Tyvek® fabric with a quality coating of 1.25 mils of polyethylene, Tyvek® QC is ideal for general use in industrial plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing and many types of clean-up operations.

Tyvek® laminated with Saranex® 23-P film provides protection against a broader range of chemicals than Tyvek® QC.  Virtually impenetrable, this material offers barrier protection from hazardous liquids, toxic chemicals, and particulate contaminants.

Sontara® spunlaced textiles are composed of staple fibres entangled through hydraulic needling to form a strong fabric.  There is no chemical or thermal binding, and the fibres are free to move as the fabric is flexed, thereby providing excellent softness and draping characteristics.  A broad range of fibres (such as rayon-polyester, polyester and wood pulp-polyester) may be processed to produce a variety of high performance fabrics.  Flame retardant.

Barricade®, a multi-layer laminate, is strong, durable, and has good abrasion resistance properties.  These suits provide excellent protection against liquid chemicals and are used in Haz-Mat, industrial and other chemical applications.


Polypropylene Coverall - 25/cs



Polypropylene Coverall, Elastic Wrist & Ankles - 25/cs



Tyvek® Coverall - 25/cs



Tyvek® Coverall, Elastic Wrist & Ankles - 25/cs



Tyvek® Coverall, Hood, Elastic Wrists & Ankles - 25/cs



Tyvek® Coverall, Hood, Boots, Elastic Wrists & Ankles - 25/cs



Tyvek® QC Coverall - 20/cs



Tyvek® QC Coverall, Elastic Wrist & Ankles - 20/cs



Tyvek® QC Coverall, Hood, Elastic Wrists & Ankles - 20/cs



Tyvek® QC Coverall, Hood, Boots, Elastic Wrists/Ankles - 20/cs



Saranex® Coverall - 12/cs



Saranex® Coverall, Elastic Wrist & Ankles - 12/cs



Saranex® Coverall, Hood, Elastic Wrists & Ankles - 12/cs



Saranex® Coverall, Hood, Boots, Elastic Wrists & Ankles - 12/cs



Saranex® Full Coverage Suit - 6/cs



Saranex® SCBA Full Coverage Suit - 6/cs



Sontara® FR Coverall, Elastic Wrist & Ankles - 20/cs



Sontara® FR Coverall, Hood, Elastic Wrist & Ankles - 20/cs



Barricade® Coverall with Hood, Elastic Wrist & Ankles



Barricade® Full Coverage Suit



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Aprons and Gloves for Chemical Protection

Neoprene provides excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals, including acids alcohols, oils, fats, caustics, inks, grease, refrigerants, ketones, detergents and fertilizers.

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber that provides excellent protection against oils, greases, acids, caustics and many petroleum products, as well as resistance to punctures, cuts, snags and abrasions.  The thicker the nitrile glove, the greater the resistance to chemicals.  Please indicate glove size - available in 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

PVC provides excellent resistance to most acids, oils, fats, caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons, in addition to its outstanding abrasion resistance.  Useful in alcohol and glycol ethers, but not in aldehydes, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrocompounds, halogen compounds, or heterocyclic compounds.


Neoprene Apron - 36" x 48"



BEST 16" Gauntlet Neoprene Glove - 12/pkg



BEST Knit Wrist Neoprene Glove - 12/pkg



Heavy Duty 16.8 oz Nitrile Apron - 36" x 48"



12" Flocked Line .018" thick Nitrile Gloves - 12/pkg



PVC on Polyester Apron - 36" x 48"



14" Yellow Fully Coated PVC Glove - 12/pkg



Yellow Fully Coated PVC Glove, knit wrist - 12/pkg



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